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"Every Inch Is Hand Painted" .. why? I think by painting each piece it gives my line a paved gateway leading to a NEW evolution of fashion and its just unique. I think I was born to inspire, to gather up all my talents together and become what most only dreamed to be. I want people to find guidance when they learn who I am ,and see how dedicated I am to getting ahead. Pish Posh is everything to me, I've always been artistic and had my own ideas of what I wanted to wear, but of course my ideas were only thoughts and my OWN thoughts at that so no one could actually create them. My goal is to take my line to the next level, I really enjoy creating and being able to style. When Im working I give every design my all, consisting of persistent time and delicate patience. My ideas all are different, I see the art in my head and just paint. Im thankful to have come this far with Pish Posh, with the photoshoots, interview, blogs, articles, and spotlight. It brings joy to my heart to be recognized by so many different people. Butterflies flew threw my stomach the first time I was asked to be someone's mentor, Im only 24 and people are already looking up to me. Working day and night has never been an issue, my grind to succeed is at an all time high. I want to be an ICON, I want Pish Posh to go above and beyond, and go down in history. I call myself an ARTrepreneur cause it defines me well, Ive invested so much into this brand, and I will stop at nothing until my dream is fulfilled.